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Hi! I’m Rachel of  Herbin’ Mama and this is my family.
First let me explain the site name since I have had a few people asking.
Urban Living + Herb Loving = Herbin’ Mama. It’s a play on words – a double entendre´ if you will. I love double entendre´s.

Well, to put it simply, I am a Colorado native with an earthy streak. I grew up in the mountains and I have always had a soft spot for natural living, herbal remedies, healthy foods, and things of that nature. I am not a hippie but I probably fit the description of “crunchy” or “granola”. Kind of like the mama in this video. I tend to do things just outside of normal. Always have. Just ask my siblings. I love Jesus in a very real and deep way and desire to glorify Him in all I do.

I am married to a totally awesome guy who, thankfully, thinks outside the box (maybe even more than I do!) and loves Jesus. He is super smart and loves numbers. Which is good since numbers and I dont really get along. I also have the joy of being called “mommy” by two beautiful girls. They keep me on my toes, make me laugh, and fill my life with fun and memories. Its not all fun and games, but there are certainly a lot of those. I totally love being a mom.

My hope is that this blog will give me an opportunity to express the joy I find in God’s creation. I desire to care for, enjoy, and use the resources the Lord has made. I created this site so that I can share my passions and interests with you and channel my discoveries and knowledge into morsels of helpful information, praying that it would be a way to spark the interest and desire in others. Whether I know you or not, I am excited that I can share these things with you.

So, please feel free to follow, like, tweet…or whatever else you may do. I’m still learning about blogging, so feedback is very welcome.

With that, I suggest you grab a cup of tea, click around, read up, and enjoy!



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